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About KA

Mission Statement
<KA> was born at the end of Wrath, originating on Cairne prior to its transfer to Zul'jin in MoP.  We ran a 10-person raiding group focused on clearing content within a very tight schedule. At the end of MoP, due to end-of-expansion turnover and the long wait for WoD, we put our raid program on hiatus.  Our future in WoD is still to be determined.


In Cataclysm we fully cleared all T11, T12, and T13 normal modes, and some heroic modes prior to the nerfs. In WOTLK we completed most Naxx, Ulduar, ToC, and ICC achievements, finishing all of the Ulduar hard modes, and getting within 8% of a Heroic Lich King kill.

We completed Mists of Pandaria having accomplished 14/14N for T14, 4/13H for T15 and 3/14H for T16.

Guild Leadership
Officers: Anzari, Vaerisara

[b][color=orange]Mission Statement[/color][/b]
<KA> is a new guild focusing on putting together a friendly group of people that intend to stick around through the rest of WOTLK, and into Cataclysm. We are looking to start up a raid group focusing on finishing the Lich King, and then working on TOGC and Ulduar 10 achievements.

[b][color=orange]Code of Conduct[/color][/b]
Players must conduct themselves in a mature and respectful manner. Offensive comments, unnecessary swearing, and inappropriate language of any nature will NOT be tolerated. While we encourage guild members to express themselves freely in Trade Chat or on the Realm Forum, do remember that we are working hard to build up a good reputation as a mature and drama-free guild. As such, any comments that cross the line into trolling or any other negative behaviour that makes the guild look bad, will be dealt with with a "Zero Tolerance" policy.

[b][color=orange]Guild Applications[/color][/b]
To become a member of <KA> create a Guild Launch account and apply on the forums. Players will go through a trial period at the end of which the officers will decide on full membership.

[b][color=orange]Raiding Schedule[/color][/b]
<KA> will be raiding two nights a week for two hours per night. Based on the current roster, we have narrowed down our days and times to Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays for two hours sometime between 8pm and 11pm Server Time (7PM MST and 10PM MST). The times will likely be somewhat flexible, and attendance will never be mandatory as real life always comes first. However, in the interest of putting together a consistent group, we are looking for players who expect to be available on a fairly regular basis.

[b][color=orange]Guild Organization[/color][/b]
For now the guild will be organized around raiding, with three Guild Officers including the guild leader. Once we start to move past the WOTLK raiding and recruit more actively, the officer ranks and roles will be expanded.
[*]Sentinel: Guild Master
[*]Seneschal: Reserved for future use.
[*]Marshal: Guild Officers (Tanking Lead, Healing Lead, DPS Lead)
[*]Guardian: Reserved for future use.
[*]Numerary: Veteran guild members.
[*]Member: Guild members that have made it through the recruitment process.
[*]Initiate: Recruits.